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Load cell manufacturers explain the relationship between sensitivity and scale

Do you know the relationship between the sensitivity of the load cell and the scale of the scale? Little friends who don’t know much about it. Let's take a look at the introduction of the weighing sensor manufacturer Ocean Xiaobian.

In the previous examples we mentioned, the sensitivity of the load cell is considered at S = 2mv / v. What if the sensitivity S = 1mv / v is considered? For the same weighing instrument with a single load cell, let's compare it:
When the load cell sensitivity is S = 1mv / v: the excitation voltage V = 12V, the maximum weighing Emax = 150kg, the maximum weighing of the instrument Max = 150kg, the maximum net output signal is:
Excitation voltage × sensitivity × EMmaxax = 12v × 1mv / v × 115500kkgg = 12mv Load cell sensitivity S = 2mv / v: excitation voltage V = 12V, maximum weighing Emax = 300kg, weighing instrument maximum weighing Max = 150kg, maximum net output signal For: excitation voltage × sensitivity × MEmaxax = 12v × 2mv / v × 310500kkgg = 12mv If the sensitivity of this load sensor S = 1mv / v, the minimum static load Emin = 6kg, when the accuracy level is C3, ie, nLC When the value is 3000, there is a verification scale value V = Emaxn-LCEmin = 1503k0g0-0 6kg = 0. 048kg and the scale value of the scale is e = 0. 05kg. Thus, the verification index value and the scale index value of the load cell are basically close to S = 1mv / V.


From this we can see that the ratio of the change in the load cell response (output) to the change in the corresponding excitation (applied load), as long as it is not greater than S = 1mv / v, nLC&ne can be established. The weighing instrument of a single weighing sensor uses a single weighing cell as an example of a power conversion component in an electronic weighing instrument. It can be roughly divided into two categories. One type is that the maximum weighing capacity of the weighing sensor (Emax) is greater than the maximum weighing of the weighing instrument (Max). The magnitude of the load is large; one is the magnitude of the maximum weight of the load cell (Emax) close to the maximum of the instrument (Max). The sensitivity of the two types of load cells mentioned here are all compared under the same size.