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Do you know what errors will occur in the use of spoke-type load cells?

Do you know the error of the phenomenon of the spoke type load cell during use? Today, the Ocean Sensor tells you in detail, let’s take a look...

The first is the error caused by the environmental factor. The weighing equipment will have different errors when used in different environments. The spoke type load cell error is affected by temperature, vibration, chemical volatilization, swing, altitude and other factors. These factors are inevitable, so these factors must be considered in actual use.

Secondly, the insertion error causes problems with the spoke type load cell. When a new sensor is inserted into the device, its measurement parameters will definitely change subtly, and certain errors will definitely occur with the previous weighing. This is often the case in electronic measurement processes. Measuring the voltage in a loop with a voltmeter has an inherent impedance that is much larger than the loop impedance, and the number read out is subject to large errors. The main reason for this error is the use of larger transmitters in the pressure system, or the dynamic characteristics are not sensitive enough.


Furthermore, during the operation of the operator, due to temperature, measurement location, position placement error and other factors in the measurement error, the sensor application error also involves the wrong placement of the transmitter, the error generated by the positive and negative pressure on the reading A certain deviation.

Finally, the dynamic error, when the spoke type load cell is not sensitive to rapid changes in temperature, the output data will be in error. This is the dynamic error we often say. The characteristics and calibration of the sensor are only suitable for static conditions. However, static can not be fully achieved during parameter input, and most sensors will have large damping, so when the input parameters change, the sensor should make corresponding changes. Therefore, certain errors will also occur.

Ok, today Xiaobian talked about it. Through the above, do you know more about some of the errors of spoke type load cells?