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Analysis of common faults in the use of miniature pressure sensors

The use of miniature pressure sensors has become more and more common, and it has its presence in many fields, but there will be some problems in the process of use. In general, it is not difficult to solve it as long as it is carefully tested at the factory. These problems can also be avoided.

Relatively speaking, the temperature sensor technology is very mature, and it is very common in various factories. The miniature pressure sensor is often used with some instruments, and there are often some small faults in the matching process. The following small series lists several common faults and several solutions after encountering faults:

First, the output error of the transmitter is large. There are many reasons for this. It may be that the resistance of the selected miniature pressure sensor is incorrect, resulting in a range error. It may also be that the sensor is not calibrated when it leaves the factory.

Second, the output signal is unstable because the temperature source itself is an unstable temperature. If the meter display is unstable, the meter's resistance to temperature interference is not strong.


Third, the detected medium does not change when the temperature changes. This may be a problem with the miniature pressure sensor. Maybe it is because the temperature sensor is not sealed, or it may be that the sensor is accidentally soldered. A small hole has been welded, which usually needs to be replaced by replacing the sensor housing.

Of course, the reasons listed here are only a part of the reasons, but they are also quite common. If you encounter a special problem, you can only give feedback to the manufacturer to negotiate and solve. As long as the quality of the manufacturer is tight, there is no problem, regarding the micro pressure. The problem of the sensor is not terrible, and it is an improvement, and it will be a technical leap.

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