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What are the common faults of pull pressure sensors?

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Common faults are the following four points:
1, pressure up, transmitter output does not go
In this case, you should first check whether the pressure interface is leaking or blocked, if the confirmation is not, check the wiring mode and check the power supply, such as the normal power supply is simple pressure to see if the output changes, or check whether the sensor 0 bits have output, if there is no change, the sensor is damaged, may be damage to the meter or other aspects ;
2, transmitter output signal instability
This kind of malfunction has the problem that Ken is the source of pressure. The pressure source itself is an unstable pressure, it is very likely that the instrument or pull pressure sensor anti-jamming ability is not strong, the sensor itself vibration is very bad and sensor failure;

拉压力传感器3, pull pressure sensor sealing ring problem
Pressurized transmitter output does not change, re-pressurized transmitter output sudden change, the pressure relief transmitter 0 bits back, it is likely to be the problem of pulling pressure sensor seal ring. It is common because of the sealing ring specifications, after the sensor is tightened, the seal ring is compressed into the sensor pressure port inside the plugging sensor, pressurized when the pressure medium is not in, but in the pressure of the sudden rushed through seal ring, pull pressure sensor under pressure and change. The best way to eliminate this failure is to remove the sensor, directly to see if the 0-bit is normal, if the 0-bit normal replaceable seal ring to try again;
4, transmitter and pointer pressure gauge control deviation is large
Deviation is normal phenomenon, confirm the normal deviation range can be; the last kind of fault is the influence of the installation position of the differential pressure transmitter on the 0-bit output. Because the measurement range of the differential pressure transmitter is very small, the sensing element in the transmitter will affect the output of the differential pressure transmitter. The pressure sensitive parts of the transmitter should be axial perpendicular to the gravity direction during installation, and the transmitter 0 bits to the standard value should be adjusted after mounting.
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