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Analysis of the difference between maintenance and maintenance of weighing control instrument and electronic platform scale

Many people don't know how to maintain the weighing control instrument and the electronic platform scale during normal use, in order to make their service life longer. Today, Ocean Xiaobian gives you a few detailed differences between maintenance and maintenance:

First, we introduce the maintenance and maintenance points of the weighing control instrument:

1. The power supply used by the heavy instrument should be grounded separately, and it is strictly forbidden to share the ground with other equipment;

Grounding resistance ≤ 4W

2. When drying, the human body will have static electricity, so you need to touch the IC chip on the motherboard with your hand. You should touch the conductors such as the wall, floor, and grounded metal plate with both hands to discharge the static electricity.

The replaced or spare motherboard should be stored in a shielding bag.

The 3 heavy instruments should use the lighting power supply, the power supply should be stable, and there is no interference on the same power supply;

It is strictly forbidden to draw 220V power from three-phase four-wire for weighing instrument

4. When the heavy instrument is powered on, it is forbidden to plug in the peripheral cable and sensor cable after the instrument to prevent damage to the interface circuit.


Below, let's take a look at the maintenance and maintenance points of the electronic platform scale:

1 Sub-platform scales are strictly prohibited from being overloaded, and should be placed in the middle position of the weighing platform when loading weight. If the weight is placed at the edge position, the weighing platform may be deformed and the metering may be inaccurate.

2 The platform of the platform scale should be as flat as possible to ensure the measurement accuracy.

3 The platform scale of the processing industry or the feed industry should be well-protected. If there are conditions, the signal cable and sensor cable are worn with metal hose.

4 When loading on the scale, it should be loaded from the vertical direction to avoid loading in the horizontal direction; when loading, the object should be handled with care to avoid heavy objects hitting the weighing platform.

5 Cables should be protected when passing through the work site to prevent other objects from breaking the signal cable.

The above are the relevant knowledge points of the maintenance and maintenance of the weighing control instrument and the electronic platform scale, so quickly collect it.