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How to detect the good and bad of weighing control instrument with multimeter

Hello everyone, I am BENGBU Ocean Sensor Systems Engineering Co., Ltd. engineers, the following teach you how to use a multimeter can detectWeighing control meterof good or bad, the principle and operation are as follows:
1. Weighing sensor manufacturers factory to provide sensor output sensitivity and supply voltage, we test the sensor output signal according to these two parameters. Strain gauge weighing force sensor outputs analog signal millivolt voltage. For example, the sensor output sensitivity is 2.0mV/V, the supply voltage is DC10V, two parameters can provide us with the sensor excitation operating voltage is required to DC10V, the sensor output signal corresponds to each 1V excitation voltage output 2.0mV linear relationship. For example, the sensor full range is 50KG, then to the sensor DC10V voltage full range output 20mV. According to this relationship, we use the multimeter mV gear to measure the sensor output signal. The sensor no-load output is 0mV Normal, greater than this value, but close to this value, the numerical change is that the sensor has a 0-point drift. If the value is large to indicate that the sensor is damaged or that the internal bridge is a circuit, the bridge arm resistance is asymmetric.

称重控制仪表2. According to the sensor factory to provide sensor parameters, input resistance and output resistance to determine whether the sensor strain gauge damage. Sensor input and output resistance values each manufacturer is not the same specification. So this should be in accordance with the manufacturer labeling test. With the multimeter ohm gear detection, the power supply and the power supply of the resistor, the signal line also signals the resistance of the ground. If more than the factory resistance value indicates that the sensor has overloaded strain gauge deformation, if the resistance to infinity Sensor strain gauge serious damage can not be repaired.
3. Because the sensor usage process often has a lead pull off, and the outer layer of the sheath line is intact, so the visual sensor wire is intact, we use the ohm gear of the multimeter to detect the sensor wire through. If the resistance is infinitely determined to break, if the resistance changes the contact is poor. The above is a simple use of multimeter to detect the common faults of the weighing sensor. If there's anything you don't understand, you can call me 18955221413!