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Weighing sensor manufacturers teach you how to judge their accuracy levels

Hallo Hello, everyone. I am Bengbu Ocean Sensor Sales Manager, my name is Li Jing, a day of work busy over, immediately off work there are customers often ask a question, you ocean sensor weighing sensor accuracy is how much, the accuracy of the force sensor is how high, in fact, this problem is difficult to answer simply, The accuracy of our parameter identification is generally the comprehensive accuracy of the weighing sensor, the index of the package is more, the bottomWeighing sensor manufacturersYour introduction to one by one, with you a simple understanding.
The precision level of the weighing sensor includes the nonlinear, creep, repeatability, hysteresis, sensitivity and other technical indicators of the sensor, and should not blindly pursue the high grade sensor when selecting, and should consider the accuracy level and cost of the electronic scale.

称重传感器厂家In general, the mean square root value of the sum of the total accuracy of the sensor is nonlinear, non-repeatability and hysteresis of three indexes is slightly higher than the precision of the scale.
It must meet the requirements of the weighing display meter input. The output signal of the weighing sensor is magnified and a/D conversion processes the indicator showing the weighing results. In view of this, the output signal of the sensor should not be less than the size of the input signal of the required instrument, that is, the sensor's output sensitivity of the sensor and instrument matching formula, the result is greater than or equal to the input of the sensitivity of the instrument requirements
The accuracy level of the weighing sensor refers to the reliability of the measurement results, which represents the ability to repeat a reading with a given accuracy, and the smaller the error, the higher the accuracy of the sensor. Sensors and instrumentation are generally 1/3000 accurate, the general domestic weighing sensors are belonging to the C3 grade, C3 represents 3,000 degrees, and the accuracy of 1/3000, foreign imports of the weighing sensor accuracy is relatively higher.
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