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How to calculate the signal of a multi-dimensional force sensor

In the use of the multi-dimensional force sensor, all that must be done is to calculate the output signal of the sensor. By calculating the output signal of the sensor, you can understand the force in all directions. The output signal size of the sensor depends on the workload to which the sensor is subjected, preload, rated load, sensitivity, excitation voltage, quantity, and connection.

How to calculate the measured value based on the electrical signal output by the impact sensor? First, see what signal the multi-dimensional force sensor outputs. If it is a standard analog signal, it can be calculated according to the scale corresponding to the signal. For example, 0~20 mA corresponds. The range is 10 BAR (pressure unit), 10 mA is 5 BAR.

The electrical signal obtained by the impact sensor is usually not directly usable, and a measuring circuit is required at the back end. The purpose of the measurement circuit is to convert the weak multi-dimensional force sensor output into a calibrated output. As for the modulation and demodulation in the signal transmission process, more is the communication knowledge.


Three points that must be paid attention to when designing the measurement circuit during the calculation of the impact sensor signal:

1. In the process of transmission, the signal will inevitably be interfered by the line, the external environment, and the capacitive components. In order to ensure that the transmission process is not disturbed as much as possible, the signal is generally modulated first, and then demodulated after receiving the signal to restore the original signal. At the same time, it is necessary to consider issues such as electronic compatibility in different environments.

2. The economy is always an inevitable problem. It must be measured according to the different aspects of the user's combination. At the same time, for the mass production of products, it is also necessary to consider the production process of the actual product, the yield rate and other issues.

3. Most multi-dimensional force sensors output signals that are extremely weak and small, usually voltage signals, as well as current or charge signals. So using these signals requires amplification. Different sensor signals use different amplification circuits. What needs to be considered here is that the noise of the amplifier circuit used is also small because the signal itself is small. It is necessary to properly shield and isolate and shorten the length of the line.

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