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What are the reasons for the abnormal interference of the output signal of the tensile pressure sensor?

When we use the tension sensor, what we need most is its accurate measurement, but sometimes the sensor is clear when it leaves the factory, but there are some problems when it comes to the scene, such as no signal output or disorder signal. The situation, and the sensor is no problem, this time it is likely that there is induced disturbance around us, affecting the external sensing interference of the sensor output. The following Ocean editors briefly introduce several factors of interference:
Electromagnetic Induction Interference When there is a mutual inductance between two circuits, the change in current in one circuit is coupled to the other through a magnetic field. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction. This situation is often encountered when the sensor is used, especially attention.

Static induction interference electrostatic induction is due to the parasitic capacitance between two branches or components, so that the charge on one branch is transmitted to the other via parasitic capacitance, sometimes referred to as capacitive coupling.
Radio frequency interference is mainly caused by the startup of large power equipment, interference generated when operation is stopped, and high-order harmonic interference.
Leakage current induced interference is caused by poor insulation of component holders, terminals, printed circuit boards, internal dielectrics or casings of the electronic circuit, especially the humidity of the application environment of the sensor, resulting in a decrease in the insulation resistance of the insulator. Increase, thereby causing interference. Especially when leakage current flows into the input stage of the measuring circuit, its effect is particularly severe.
Other interference mainly refers to the poor working environment of the system, and is also susceptible to mechanical interference, thermal interference and chemical interference.
When you encounter these interferences, you should pay attention to them. There are two ways to generate them. One is the interference caused by the circuit, and the interference is introduced by the sensing of the peripheral devices and communication lines. We need to find the solution to solve the problem. Source, then check and treat as far as possible from the source of interference.