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Do you know what to pay attention to when installing a torque sensor?

Some time ago, a small partner consulted us about Ocean Sensor, saying that I bought a torque sensor, but also installed according to the instructions above, but still can not be used, so ask which part of the link we have problems, the following small series will share some For the correct installation of the torque sensor, take a look.

1. Firstly, the shaft diameter and center height of the torque sensor are to be installed;

2. Install the sensor between the power unit and the load unit through two sets of couplings.

3. For the power equipment and the load equipment, the center height and coaxiality of the sensor must be adjusted to less than 0.01mm, and then it is fixed tightly, no looseness can occur, avoiding the possibility of measurement error or damage to the torque sensor.

4. When connecting, if the vibration is very large or the coaxiality cannot be installed, it is recommended to select the elastic coupling, and then a rubber pad of about 10mm can be added between the base of the sensor and the support frame, so as to reduce the sensor installation. Damage to the equipment at the time of disagreement.


5. The power source and load equipment must avoid vibration and ensure the stability of the installation to ensure the accuracy of the measurement accuracy.

6. The shoulders on both sides of the sensor should be close to the coupling. During the installation process, avoid sharp collisions such as impact and tapping.

7. Be sure to place the horizontal position during use.

Of course, the torque sensor requires a lot of small details during the installation process. Whether you have cooperated with us or not, you can call us.