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Why is the torque sensor unstable?

We have received consultations from some small partners, saying that the torque sensors they bought at other manufacturers occasionally have signal instability when they are used, but when they return to the torque sensor manufacturer , they find that there is no problem, so they can't find specific. The reason for this is as follows. The engineers from Dayang Sensing will focus on the aspects that may be affected.

1. The voltage of the power supply is stable and unstable. The torque sensor is generally ±15VDC dual-voltage power supply. It also has 24V or other voltage supply. The unstable power supply voltage will also cause the sensor signal to be unstable.


2. The shaft of the torque sensor is not installed in parallel. The torque sensor that works in this state for a long time is prone to problems.

3, other side of the machine running interference, such as the torque sensor next to the inverter can easily cause signal output instability, the solution is to add a 1:1 isolation transformer to the torque sensor power supply.

I hope that the above introduction to the torque sensor can help everyone.