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What are the application areas of multi-dimensional force sensors?

The six-dimensional force sensor is one of the multi-dimensional force sensors . Whether it is at home or abroad, it is widely used in some popular fields. Let's take a look at it.

Life Kinematics: In some international high jump and long jump competitions, it is necessary to measure the direction and size of the athlete's jumping power at the moment of take-off. This time we need to use our multi-dimensional force sensor.

Automotive Brake Test: The direction of force and torque of each wheel during the driving of the car can be measured by a multi-dimensional force sensor.

Rehabilitation Robots: Generally, many rehabilitation robots use the force/torque signal as a form of interaction between human and machine. The multi-dimensional force sensor can establish the relationship between force and human intention, and help rehabilitation treatment be more effective and safer.

Aerospace: Data on the direction and magnitude of forces acting on a rocket in a launching state can be measured by a multi-dimensional force sensor mounted on the launcher.

Our multi-dimensional force sensor for ocean sensing has the following characteristics:

1. High precision and strong anti-offset capability

2. Easy to install, IP66

3. Accept custom specifications

4. Precision control of the robot arm, surface grinding and polishing, machining center carving processing, medical equipment precision testing.

Ocean sensor has completely solved the scientific problems in the research of multi-dimensional force sensor, such as structural design of elastic body, evaluation of mechanical properties, vector decoupling algorithm, etc., which is also in the leading level of multi-dimensional force testing equipment, and also masters the core. Manufacturing technology, with design processing capabilities from macro mechanics to micromachines.