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What are the three important indicators of spoke type load cells?

The three important indicators of the accuracy of the spoke type load cell are: precision, accuracy and accuracy, which are literally difficult to understand. The following is a detailed introduction.

1. Precision is the result of repeated measurement of a stable measured object by the same person with the same spoke type load cell and measuring instrument. If it is dispersive, the smaller the precision, the more the measurement is. Precision.

2. Correctness is the degree to which all measured values are combined with the true values. The systematic error measurement results have a certain degree of deviation from the true value.

3. Accuracy is a comprehensive value that reflects the accuracy and precision of the measurement, that is, the comprehensive degree of the above two points is considered. Usually, the accuracy is reflected by the relative value of the measurement error.

Ocean's spoke type weighing sensor adopts spoke type elastic structure. It adopts the shearing application principle and has the characteristics of low profile, anti-offset, high precision and good strength. It is suitable for testing various load forces.