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How do spoke type load cells do moisture protection?

The spoke type load cell is an accurate detecting device. If it is wet, it will affect its accuracy and stability. If it is serious, it may cause equipment failure. Xiaobian remembers that it happened more than 10 years ago because the sensor is damp. The aircraft accident caused by the impact of the sensor on the flight speed, elevation error and other information, resulting in the aircraft out of control, so we have to place the sensor in a suitable place to avoid the occurrence of moisture, the following Ocean sensor introduction Several moisture protection measures for spoke type load cells:

1. Control the temperature environment in which the sensor works to prevent moisture from entering the sealed spoke type load cell.

2, package resistance strain gauge, is to cover the strain gauge above the waterproof material.

3. If it is welded sealing, glass and metal cable joints, it is also necessary to do waterproof and moisture proof work.

4. Guarantee high-quality composite waterproof seal, keep the components of the sensor unaffected and have small permeability under the whole working temperature. A high quality sensor cable tightly combines the conductor and housing to prevent moisture from entering the interior through the cable core.


Nowadays, many sensors can work in water, so we must do a good job of moisture-proof and waterproof. Our spoke-type load cell produced by Ocean has a 6-point waterproof joint with spring buffer to prevent the wire from breaking and is very good in this respect. Ok, there is a need for a small partner to call.