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Torque sensor manufacturers share their applications in the car

Torque sensors are not very common in our daily lives, but their application in cars is very important. From the aspect of measurement data, car power is mainly determined by two points, measuring force and measuring speed. The torque sensor on the car is used to drive the car by checking the torsional deformation of the torsion bar and then converting it into an electrical signal that is transmitted to the electric power steering system underneath the battery. The following is a small series of torque sensor manufacturers to explain the working characteristics of the torque sensor on the electric power assist system:

1. The electric power steering system only needs to start the motor to generate electricity when turning, which can reduce the fuel consumption of the engine.

2. It can provide power under various driving conditions to reduce the unevenness of the motor. The output torque of the motor assists the system through the interference of the transmission, improves the steering characteristics of the vehicle, and improves the active safety of the vehicle.

3, no hydraulic circuit, adjustment and detection is easier, assembly automation is higher, can quickly match different models by setting different procedures, shorten production and development cycle; no oil leakage problems, reduce environmental pollution.

The electric power steering system mainly uses a torque sensor to detect the magnitude and direction of the torque when the driver turns or the angle generated by the steering wheel, and converts the required information into a digital signal input control unit, and then an axis control unit pair. These signals are calculated to obtain torque compatible with the driving conditions, and the command is used to drive the motor to operate, assisting the output torque of the motor through the action of the transmission.

In summary, it can be seen that the application of the torque sensor in the car is very important. If the torque sensor has a problem during driving, the steering function will be lost, so that the car cannot be turned, which will bring danger, so the quality of the torque sensor. Directly determines the safety factor of the car.