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Pull sensor manufacturers analyze sensor installation problems

Many customers have not read the instructions carefully after purchasing the tension sensor, and the results are confused when they are installed. Today, the small series of pull sensor manufacturers share the correct installation location and method for you. Let's take a look.

First, in order to determine the number of tension sensors and the specific installation location, we must pay attention to the following points:

(1) The tension sensor must be installed along the cable so that it can be better mounted to the cable connector.

(2) There must be at least 4 tension sensors in each cable, one of which needs to be installed at the head and tail, and the two tension sensors near the telephone should not exceed 200m.

(3) Installation requires overhead or underground laying methods.

(4) There must be one branch point in each cable installation, and the distance between the two branch points should not exceed 100m.

(5) If there is no branch in the cable, because the procedure for shielding the cable is the same, the installed tension sensor should be no less than 4 and the length should not exceed 500m.

(6) In order to facilitate the occurrence of problems, it is necessary to consider the economic and technical reasons when designing the tension sensor.

Second, the correct installation method is as follows:

(1) Detect the frequency response of the tension sensor under normal air pressure and normal temperature conditions by suitable instrumentation equipment.

(2) Verify the correctness of the tension sensor code and the corresponding frequency response signal.

(3) Check the mounting hole. If the size of the mounting hole is not suitable, it will be easy to wear out during the installation process. It may also hinder the working operation of the sensor and potential problems in the future, so we need to check the mounting hole. Is it appropriate?

Well, Xiao Bian introduced it here today, I hope everyone can help the perception of the pull sensor, and the pros who need it can contact us for the ocean sensor.