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What are the commonly used load cells?

There are many kinds of sensors, one of which is called a load cell, and it is divided into many categories, such as pressure measuring force sensor, biaxial tensile force sensor, static torque sensor, dynamic torque sensor, multi-dimensional force sensor, etc. The force sensor manufacturer's engineers will briefly introduce these load cells.

Torque sensors are generally divided into dynamic and static. Dynamics are mainly used for speed measurement of mechanical equipment such as locomotives, engines, and fans. Static is mainly used for testing machines and non-continuous rotation.

The outer diameter of the pressure measuring force sensor is relatively small, the minimum can be 8mm, and the minimum range can be 3kg. Its main application in the field of medical equipment, robot equipment.

There are also many types of multi-dimensional force sensors, such as two-dimensional force sensors, three-dimensional force sensors, and multi-dimensional force sensors. Generally used in remote control machines, robotic arm research and other equipment.

In daily life, we have seen the role of weighing sensors in electronic scales, vending machines and other equipment we see. The above are just a few simple introductions. If you want to know more, you can contact us for the Ocean Sensor.