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What are the errors in spoke type load cells?

Spoke type load cells have been widely used in manufacturing technology and technology, but some errors can not be avoided. The following Ocean Sensing Xiaobian share several errors that the spoke type load cells will encounter during operation.

1. Error caused by human factors. If the spoke type load cell is mistaken when inserted by the operator, the measurement parameters will change, which will affect the impact.

2. Errors caused by environmental factors, ambient temperature, gas, sway, etc. may cause deviations in the operation of the sensor.

3, the error caused by the characteristics of the device itself, it is the error between the device's recognized handling function and the actual characteristics, such as the incorrect bevel or the non-linear bevel.

4. Errors caused by dynamic errors. Many sensors' characteristics and calibrations are applicable under static conditions. If they are under dynamic conditions, the input parameters will change.

All in all, we must consider a lot of factors in the actual operation and use, to avoid the loss caused by these errors. It is hoped that the development of China's spoke-type sensor industry will also be able to rapidly improve technology and join the international market. For those who need sensors, you can contact us for Ocean Sensing.