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Miniature pressure sensors promote mold and manufacturing technology

Mold manufacturers use micro pressure sensors when designing and processing molds, because they can rigorously test the molds that will be sold to customers. The molding process of the product can be set and optimized on the basis of the first test mode or the second test mode. This optimized process can be used directly in subsequent trials, reducing the number of trials. With the completion of the test pattern, not only the mold meets the quality requirements, but also the mold manufacturer has obtained a set of validated process data, which is also part of the mold and will be given to the molder at the time of the transaction. . In this case, the mold manufacturer provides the molder with more than just a set of molds, but a solution that combines the mold and the process parameters suitable for the mold. This intrinsic value is improved compared to simply providing a mold. Not only greatly reduces the cost of the test, but also shortens the time of the test.


In the past, after the mold makers told their users that molds often had problems such as poor filling and incorrect key dimensions, they could only guess the cause of the problem based on experience because they could not know the state of the plastic in the mold. Not only will it make a detour, but sometimes it will not solve the problem completely. Now, as long as they analyze the state information of the plastic in the mold collected by the molder from the miniature pressure sensor pressure switch, they can accurately determine the crux of the problem.

Although not every mold has a miniature pressure sensor, if a mold with a miniature pressure sensor is installed, it will certainly provide better information to the user and thus benefit from it. Therefore, all mold makers need to understand the important role of miniature pressure sensors in optimizing injection molds, so that mold manufacturers can quickly produce qualified products that meet quality standards, improve efficiency, and promote their Improvements in mold design and manufacturing techniques.

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