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Analysis of the application of load cell in medical industry

On the market today, the application of load cells in the medical electronics industry is very common because of its high sensitivity. Its main function is to convert the detected force into an electrical signal, the same principle as other impact sensors and load cells. The load cell has good flexibility and stability, and the equipment is relatively simple to maintain.

The load cell plays an important role in the medical electronics industry, because in the medical electronics industry, the electronic equipment requirements are relatively high, the measurement accuracy requirements are relatively high, the instrument is used more often, and the durability must be good. Medical electronic devices are generally in direct contact with the patient. For example, the load cell is used as a monitoring instrument in medical electronic equipment. The monitor can detect the change of the weight of the tube during the infusion process, and then exchange the data information with the electronic controller to control the speed of the infusion. The load cell is applied to the monitor of medical electronic equipment, which not only improves work efficiency but also reduces labor costs.


In medical electronic devices such as liquid chromatography, blood analyzers, and the like. The load cell is very demanding, the sensor must be in direct contact with the liquid, or in other humid environments.

The above is the rapid development of the medical sensor industry introduced by the force sensor manufacturer. In the future, its role in medical machinery must not be ignored.