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Analysis of the application of sensors in the field of robots

In recent years, robots have become more and more popular in the industrial market. In order to improve the adaptability of the robot and detect the working environment in time, basically a large number of sensing devices are installed on the application of the robot. These sensors improve the operation of the robot and enable it to more fully perform complex work. . The following is a small series of Shenzhen sensor manufacturers. For your analysis, what is the specific application of the sensor in the robot industry? Let’s take a look...

The layman may not know much about it. In fact, a robot integrates many sensor devices, such as visual sensors, force sensors, tactile sensors, ultrasonic sensors, etc. These sensors have their own division of labor, ensuring that the robot can be like humans. The same normal work. Many collaborative robots integrate torque sensors and cameras to ensure a better viewing angle during operation while keeping the work area safe; a vision sensor is a camera that can perform a variety of tasks. From detecting moving objects to positioning parts on the conveyor belt, the robot can adjust its movements according to the received information; if the visual sensor is given to the robot eye, the force sensor gives the robot a sense of touch and uses the torque sensor to sense the end execution. In addition to considering the normal operation of the robot itself, in order to ensure the safety of the operator, the robot should also be equipped with a safety sensor. When the robot senses an abnormal force, it triggers an emergency stop to ensure the safety of the operator.


“Because robots tend to be miniaturized, the installation space of the sensors has become limited. Therefore, in the application of robots, micro-sensors are needed. 蚌埠Dayang Sensing System Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional research base of Limin Sensors. The company has gathered a group of innovative technical personnel, specializing in the research and development and manufacture of miniature sensors and other sensors. Welcome to call us...