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Weighing sensor manufacturers can not be separated by the metering method

As one of the well-known manufacturers of weighing sensors in the industry, Ocean Sensing Xiaobian introduces you to the measurement method of the weighing sensor. Let's take a look...

First, let us introduce the principle of weighing: According to the characteristics of the load cell in practical applications, the load cell is divided into two types: static load weighing module and dynamic load weighing module. The static load weighing module is more suitable for the work where only vertical force is applied, such as the weight detection of the tank and the storage hopper, and the dynamic load module is suitable for the occasion where the force is obvious. Such as platform, conveyor belt, production line weight detection, weighing system is a new type of weighing element, it combines weighing sensor, load transfer device and mounting connectors, etc., can be very convenient and various shapes Mechanical devices are connected, such as raceways, platforms, vertical tanks, tanks, hoppers, and the like. The electronic weighing system with the weighing module as the core can ensure the high precision of the weighing and the long-term stability, and solve the weighing error caused by improper installation. Systems using weigh modules can theoretically achieve a weighing accuracy of better than five tenths.

However, the resistance strain type weighing module in the electronic weighing system is based on the principle that the elastic body is elastically deformed under the action of an external force, so that the resistance strain gauge attached to the surface thereof is also deformed, and after the resistance strain gauge is deformed, it The resistance will change.


Ok, today Xiaobian introduced here, want to know more about the load cell, remember to pay more attention to our ocean sensor...