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The selection of load cells is also affected by the environment.

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For the purchaser, the selection of the symmetrical heavy sensor is a very difficult thing, so will it be affected by the environment? The answer is yes, we have to consider the installation environment as the first element to ensure that the reliability and safety have already weighed the service life of the sensor.

1. Firstly, the high-temperature environment symmetrical heavy sensor causes problems such as melting of the coating material, opening of the solder joint, and structural changes in the stress in the elastic body.

2. The effect of dust and moisture on the sensor causing a short circuit. Under these environmental conditions, a load cell with high airtightness should be used. Different load cells are sealed in different ways, and their airtightness is very different.

Weighing sensors operating in these two environments require strict requirements, and of course some environments are also easily accessible. Corrosive environments and strong electromagnetic fields, as well as flammability, are considered for weighing. The necessary considerations for the sensor.