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The load cell manufacturer explains how it is used in furniture.

In order to satisfy the curiosity of many small partners , Shenzhen Force Sensor Manufacturer Ocean will next introduce the application test of the load cell in the furniture:

First understand the customer needs:

In order to meet the safety agreements associated with the manufacture of various furniture products, load cells must be strictly subjected to fatigue testing, seat testing, impact testing and verification testing before they are spread to the market. Mandatory test simulations of furniture products are critical to determining the maximum load that is posted to protect manufacturers from damage caused by misuse of these products and overloading.


Interface scheme:
Using the interface model SSMF fatigue rated S-type load cell or tension sensor and DY220 weighing control instrument provides a solution to measure the force applied in the fatigue cycle test of furniture products, in this case test office The swing mechanism in the chair. Unlike other similar load cells, the SSMF has a fatigue rating that is ideal for fatigue testing. It has been reported that any fatigue rated interface load cell used within its rated range has no fatigue failure.

Furniture manufacturers can get accurate data on the swing mechanism of the office chair because the fatigue cycle fails. The design has been adjusted to improve the safety and service life of the furniture, to ensure product quality and to protect the load cell manufacturer from future responsibilities