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Force sensor manufacturers talking about the composition and development application of sensor

With the progress of science and technology, sensor as one of the tools of human-machine communication, its application scope is more and more extensive, has penetrated into various fields. TodayForce sensor manufacturersOcean sensing mainly introduces the components of the force measuring sensor.

The function of the sensor is generally to convert the measured non-charge into the power output, which is mainly composed of sensitive components, conversion elements, measuring circuit and auxiliary power supply.

(1) Sensitive components: In the sensor, the main function is to feel the measured changes, while the measured transformation into an intermediate variable that is easy to transform into electricity. such as the diaphragm pressure sensor, its sensitive is an elastic diaphragm, the role of which is to transform the pressure signal into the deformation of the diaphragm, for the next step of the output of electrical signals to prepare.

(2) Measuring circuit: The power output of the conversion element is often difficult to display, record and process directly, it needs to be further converted into a direct use of electrical signals, the completion of this function is the measurement circuit.

For example, the measurement circuit in the strain pressure sensor is a bridge circuit, which converts the resistance value of the strain gauge output into a voltage signal, which can be magnified to promote the operation of the recording device and the display instrument.


(3) Conversion element: The sensor converts the intermediate non-charge output of the sensitive element into the power that can be used by the sensor through the conversion element. It mainly uses certain physical, chemical or biological effects to achieve this goal. Force measurement Sensor

For example, a diaphragm pressure sensor conversion element, which uses the resistance strain effect, that is, the resistance of a metal conductor or semiconductor to change with the size of the mechanical deformation, converts the deformation of the elastic diaphragm into a change in the resistance value.

(4) Auxiliary power supply: some force sensor in addition to the circuit power supply, but also need an auxiliary power supply to provide the signal.

The above is today to introduce to you about the force sensor related knowledge, hope to be able to help everyone ...