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Smart home is one of the opportunities for the development of pressure sensors

The rapid development of smart home has been strongly supported and nurtured by the government. In February last year, the state released the "Twelfth Five-Year" development plan for the Internet of Things, clearly including smart homes in the strategic development industry, and relevant departments are actively formulating the development standards for the smart home industry, while at the same time pulling the pressure sensor industry to develop rapidly.
The person in charge of Nanjing IOT Sensing Technology Department said that the rapid promotion and popularization of smart homes has also stimulated the development of many related industries, including sensors, monitoring and alarming, low-voltage electrical appliances, and home decoration. Taking the sensor industry as an example, a set of wireless smart home sensors include more than 10 kinds of sensors such as door magnetism, window magnetism, carbon monoxide, smoke, temperature and humidity, and formaldehyde. Involved in many fields of the sensor industry, the main growth of the sensor market in the future will be From emerging sensors such as wireless sensors, microsystem sensors, and biosensors. Experts predict that the domestic sensor market will grow 31% year-on-year in the next five years, and the market cake is huge. In 2014, the domestic sensor market is expected to exceed 120 billion yuan. Among them, the development of smart homes will play an important role.


Xiang Zhonghong, secretary general of the Intelligent Committee of China Interior Decoration Association, said that in the past two or three years, smart homes have developed rapidly, and the home improvement field is increasing at a rate of 40% every year. For every 10 newly renovated homes, 4 of them install smart homes. Gradually increase. The data shows that in 2009, the smart home market cake is about 42 billion US dollars, the market is increasing at a rate of 20-30% every year. It is estimated that the cake will reach 124 billion yuan by 2015. According to this calculation, the pressure sensor and home decoration of smart home The development of related industries such as monitoring and alarming is expected to exceed RMB 1 trillion.
The pressure sensor produced by Dayang Sensing is mainly used in computer and automation process control in metallurgy, oil field, chemical industry, military industry, aerospace, major scientific research units, colleges, automobiles, transportation, energy, machinery manufacturing, building materials and other industries. We will cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life to promote the seamless integration of China's industrial automation and world technology, and achieve a wide range of win-win.