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Briefly describe the faults and solutions of weighing control instruments

Many friends encounter various faults when operating the weighing control instrument , but they can't start. The following small series introduces you to several common fault analysis and preventive measures.

Symptom: The display value jumps and the display value is unstable.

Fault location: sensor

1. Possible fault analysis and judgment: the sensor works in a damp or open environment, the insulation is deteriorated, and the resistance between the multimeter and the sensor body is less than 20MΩ.

Prevention and solution: Replace the sensor, normal sensor insulation resistance value >1000MΩ

2. Sensor or accessory fastening bolts are loose

Precautions and solutions: Tighten the screws and tighten the screws if necessary

3. Possible fault analysis and judgment: sensor input and output resistance is not normal

Prevention and Solution: Replace the sensor

4. Possible fault analysis and judgment: check if the sensor seal cover is off

Prevention and solution: If there is any loss, replace the sensor


5. The sensor lead wire or terminal block is bumped, squeezed or stretched, resulting in an in-line break or poor contact.

Precautions and solutions: The sensor lead-out wire prevents the wire from being stretched or clamped in the slot. For field reasons, it is necessary to test the device several times and remove the sensor first.

6. Burned by lightning or strong current, voltage pulse

Prevention and solution:

1The sensor uses copper and the ground is well grounded, and the grounding resistance is <>

2Use junction box with anti-surge function and watch or lightning protection sensor

3 outdoor scales should have lightning protection measures

4 When welding on the scale body, the ground wire must be overlapped to avoid passing strong current through the sensor.

7. Possible fault analysis and judgment: sensor cable is damaged

Prevention and solution: replace the sensor.

The above is the analysis and solution of the seven problem points in the case of the weighing control instrument. Hurry up to collect it, it will definitely help you. Want to know more weighing control instrument products, you can call us for Ocean Sensing...