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What is the measurement method that the weighing sensor manufacturer cannot do without?

First of all, the weighing sensor manufacturer Ocean Xiaobian introduces the principle of weighing: According to the characteristics of the load cell in practical applications, the load cell is generally divided into two types: the dynamic load module and the static load module. The static load weighing module is more suitable for the work subject to vertical force only, such as the weight detection of the tank and the storage hopper, while the dynamic load module is more suitable for the occasions where the force is more obvious, such as the weight of the platform, the conveyor belt and the production line. Detection and so on...

Do you know that the weighing system is a new type of weighing element? Its function is to combine the weighing sensor, load transfer device and mounting components and other related components, and it can be connected with various shapes of mechanical equipment, such as raceways, platforms, vertical tanks, tanks, hoppers. Wait. The electronic weighing system with the weighing module as the core can ensure the high precision of the weighing and the long-term stability, and solve the weighing error caused by improper installation. The system using the weighing module is theoretically Can achieve weighing accuracy of better than five tenths.


However, the resistance strain type weighing module in the electronic weighing system is based on the principle that the elastic body is elastically deformed under the action of an external force, and the resistance strain gauge attached to the surface thereof is also deformed, eventually resulting in its resistance value. There have also been changes.

Then, the corresponding measurement circuit converts the resistance change into an electrical signal, thereby completing the process of converting the external force into an electrical signal. It can be seen from these that the resistance strain type load cell is composed of several important parts of the resistance strain gauge, the elastic body and the detection circuit. Taking a typical chemical tank as an example, the weighing module installed at the bottom of the tank transfers the weight signal of the tank to the junction box, and the weighing module signals are connected in parallel in the junction box, and can be loaded according to different weighing modules. The situation is to adjust the angular difference, and finally the weight signal is sent to the weight transmitter. The weight transmitter processes the weight signal into the corresponding weight data and outputs it to the control system, so the load cell will be indispensable for any weighing field. Components.

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