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Torque sensor manufacturers analyze what applications in equipment

I still don't know the torque sensor's friends, Shenzhen torque sensor manufacturers give you a brief introduction, remember to collect...

The first is to understand customer needs:
An aerospace company is developing a test plan that involves torque and compression measurements on fasteners of different joint materials. In addition to the ability to accurately measure force and torque at the same time, the system requires high and low sampling rates. They require reliable accuracy and long-term stability. The test plan is designed to provide fasteners with the required force and torque specifications to ensure safety without affecting installation.


Interface scheme:
Using the LW or LWCF load washer with the T12 square drive rotary torque sensor, the customer can align the force and torque measurements to the desired level. This is achieved by combining the torque sensor with the high sampling rate of the SI-USB's data logging and plotting capabilities, capturing the real-time force levels for inspection.

The fasteners are tightened to the specified force and torque requirements and installed safely without damaging themselves or the joint material. Customers can measure fast events efficiently and accurately.