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What are the applications of tensile pressure sensors on industrial equipment?

Let us briefly introduce what is a pull pressure sensor.

The pull pressure sensor is a device that converts non-electricity into an electrical signal. Its devices generally include sensors, detection point sampling devices, amplifiers, etc., of course, power supplies and some small devices, and their electrical signals are commonly divided into There are two types of continuous quantity and discrete quantity, but its analog signal transmission is the unified signal 4-20mADC. In the development of modern digitalization, these instruments will change greatly. After these stages, the sensors and microprocessors and network interfaces are encapsulated in a device to complete information acquisition, processing, transmission, storage and other related functions.

Pulling pressure sensors have gradually developed into an indispensable part in modern industrial equipment, and may not be well understood. Xiaobian briefly introduces these two aspects.

If the traditional industrial equipment increases the tension sensor, it will improve the function and accuracy of the equipment, so that your equipment can play its value more. These industrial devices are part of the automation system control and therefore need to be compatible with the automation system. Whether it is stand-alone automation or large-scale brake equipment, as long as the tension sensor is added, the equipment will be replaced and replaced in industrial equipment. The use of the play to the maximum.


In recent years, tensile pressure sensors have been widely used in electrical appliances, automobiles, and information industries. Therefore, the demand has become larger and larger, and the rapid development has formed an independent industry, which has led to the development of industrial equipment, especially semiconductor equipment. The development of manufacturing, so people are paying more and more attention to the sensor industry.

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