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How to improve the accuracy of spoke type load cell

As people's lives develop slowly, people's living standards improve, people eat high-calorie things, but also slowly become fat, then what weight is used, of course, will use electronic scales, this scale inside With a force sensor, this force sensor is not only used on the electronic scale, it also has some applications in other places. Today, Xiaobian uses the spoke type load cell as an example, I hope to help everyone.

The spoke type load cell is mainly composed of three parts:

1. Force-sensitive components (ie elastomers, common materials are aluminum alloy, alloy steel and stainless steel).

2, conversion components (the most common is the resistance strain gauge).

3, the circuit part (generally there are enameled wire, pcb board, etc.).

How to improve the accuracy of the spoke type load cell?

1. The temperature will cause the strain signals (resistance) of the four strain gauges to change in the same direction and extent. Since the two forward strains and the two negative strains are included in the equation, the temperature will not produce an output signal.

2. The remaining small residual error can be corrected by connecting to a special nickel metal on the Wheatstone bridge.

3. In addition, the strain gauges require temperature-to-sensitivity compensation (TCS). When the temperature changes, the E modulus of the material will decrease, resulting in strain. In addition, the sensitivity of the strain gauge depends on the temperature. Compensation of the resistor will produce a greater voltage drop at high temperatures. This will reduce the output signal of the Wheatstone bridge.

4. Under load conditions, the linearity error will also change.

The above about the spoke type load cell is just a small personal opinion, welcome friends to discuss and study together.