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Practical application of torque sensor in drilling engineering system

In the past, for various reasons, the drilling engineering process control system was generally based on work experience, and there was no scientific argument. Therefore, drilling engineering safety accidents often occur, and the drilling engineering processes of large inclined wells, large offset wells and horizontal wells are all produced. Among them, twist drills have more widespread safety accidents, which hurt data collection, main performance and gas layer maintenance. The torque sensor can fill the insufficiency of the development of the drilling engineering work, and can understand the sudden various twist drill safety accidents according to the main parameters of the torque. Demonstrate a decision-making basis for accurate weather forecast engineering project safety incidents. The expression of the main parameters of the torque can properly guide the construction of the building, improve the technical level of logging and the level of material expression, and is beneficial to quickly detect the oil and gas display. It can improve the high efficiency of drilling engineering and ensure the safe production of drilling projects.

With the development trend of social development, the gradual improvement of the market economic system and the rapid development trend of the gasoline industry production, development and growth, and the maturity period, the drilling engineering team and the mining team are competing with each other more and more fiercely. People consider improving their competitiveness and quality. There is no need to upgrade drilling engineering and mining equipment and technical content. Without excellent high-quality compound talents, there would be no excellent machinery and equipment. At this stage, the elite team of drilling engineering has just begun to apply machines and equipment other than logging torque sensors. The excellent quality of the torque sensor depends on the main parameters that are useful and valuable for drilling projects, and the actual cost is increased with the least cost. The effect is to enhance comprehensive economic benefits. In order to increase people's labor productivity, it also expands people's core competitiveness.

With the continuous opening of the drilling engineering sales market, the application of torque sensors is becoming more and more extensive. The main advantages of torque sensors in the drilling engineering production process are becoming more and more obvious. People use flexible and high-efficiency application torque sensors. It can speed up the speed of drilling engineering, increase the drilling speed of equipment, and reduce the safety accidents in the construction of drilling engineering. Especially, the main parameters of the torque of the torque sensor are particularly obvious in the drilling engineering.


Torque sensor torque is the main parameter of the main parameters of the transition:

Drilling engineering fully considers deep wells, old geological structures, deep burial, and the great compaction effect of geological structures, which has caused great difficulties for drilling engineering work, especially in the drilling of drilling engineering, fully considering lithology. Higher density and tighter, it is very easy to destroy the twist drill in the drilling engineering step, and the cone will be lost if you don't pay attention. According to the actual situation, people flexibly use the torque parameters to change the main parameters of the torque range, carry out the analysis while drilling, and create a report of the invention to timely report the well team to avoid the occurrence of drilling engineering safety accidents.

There are many factors that change the torque in the drilling project, including the following:

1. The geological structure collapse is the cause of the increase of the torque. First, the collapse of the geological structure will make the torque change very large, which can be expanded from 16KN.m to 30KN.m, even a large number, and the generation of this transformation is not easy. Prompt, most of the time it suddenly happened. When it comes to the circulatory system of the drilling equipment and continue to raise the hair, it fully considers the cracking of the coal rock and normalizes everything.

2. The drilling equipment is broken, especially when the drill is broken, the torque will be changed. The breaking distance of the drilling equipment will suddenly shrink and the pump pressure will be reduced.

3. The roller bearing of the roller drill makes the torque expansion expand from 6KN.m to 30KN.m, and the torque is expressed as the transition from high to low.

4, the twisting of the twist is more serious is the reason for the expansion of the torque. First, the transformation size of this type of situation is relatively average, and is gradually expanding, 6KN.m expanded to 28KN.m or even a large number. Sometimes the sudden change is very large. This kind of situation can be distinguished as the composite twist drill with the broken rolling bearing of the roller in addition to the loss of the front teeth. At this time, the well team should be reminded to start drilling immediately.

5, sometimes the driller does not pay attention to produce too much pressure on the scene of the drilling, this time the torque will suddenly expand, create such a situation should mention the drilling equipment, repair the drilling pressure, and then put the drilling equipment plus small Drilling and observing the change of torque, if the torque is enlarged and there is a hopping landscape, you should think about the change of twist drill, such as torque and other main parameters without very sustainable drilling.

In the whole process of application of the twist drill, the drilling engineering time is continuously added, the geological structure is more and more harmful to the twist drill, and the safety accident probability during the drilling project is also expanded, but people flexibly use the torque sensor. The change of the main parameters of the torque to improve the identification of the twist drill will greatly reduce the incidence of drilling. This practical experience is only necessary to observe the change of the main parameters of the torque during the drilling project, namely the torque In the original all normal circumstances, the expansion of 4-5KN.m should raise the attention of the aspect ratio, improve the identification and immediately inform the drilling team to check, if the torque has not been reduced after many methods have been issued, Start drilling immediately to prevent drilling engineering safety accidents.