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The difference between imported and domestic sensors

Many people will ask, what is the difference between domestic sensors and imported sensors? The following is a brief introduction of the Shenzhen sensor manufacturer Ocean.

First of all, we say that imported sensors have been widely used in many countries. Most of the sensors in the Chinese market come from developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. The sensors of these three countries occupy the vast majority of the Chinese market. European sensors are famous for German and Swiss sensors. The sensors that are generally imported are used in the research institutes and the aviation industry.

The second thing to say is the domestic sensor. There are many sensor manufacturers in China, but there is still no good brand. We can meet your needs in terms of performance, price, delivery and service.

With the development of China's sensor technology, our ocean has been improving in terms of research and development and production technology, and strive to become a well-known domestic sensor brand.