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Ocean sensor unveiled at 2019 Shanghai Industry Fair and demonstrated the latest achievements in science and technology

September 17th - Dayang Sensor today unveiled the latest technology in 2019 at the 21st China International Industry Fair.

The annual industry event was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from September 17 to 21, and the Ocean Sensor booth was located at Hall C, Hall 6.2.


Ocean sensor booth map

The theme of the Ocean Sensor exhibition is "supporting China's manufacturing, highlighting China's smart sensors and leading the sensor vane." It focuses on the three latest scientific and technological achievements of Ocean Sensor in 2019: high-precision dynamic torque sensor miniature load cell and high-precision force gauge.

At the scene, the most popular exhibit of the Ocean Sensor booth was the dynamic torque sensor high-speed rotation test system, which was well received by the industry.


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About Ocean Sensor

The company has developed the research and development capabilities and large-scale production capacity of optical, mechanical, electrical and computing technologies for sensor products. The main products are: micro force sensor, non-contact high-speed dynamic torque sensor, six-dimensional force sensor, high-precision force measurement instrument and supporting system; have a number of patented technologies, products are widely used in mobile phone testing, intelligent equipment, AGV , robots, intelligent transportation, Internet of Things, industry 4.0, automotive, consumer electronics and other fields.