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Ocean Sensor invites you to participate in the 2019 Shanghai Industrial Fair

In September, Dayang Sensing will participate in the Shanghai Industrial Fair. At that time, we will carry the company's load cell, multi-dimensional force sensor, spoke type load cell, test instrument and other products to participate in the exhibition. Welcome everyone to visit and guide.

Booth No.: Hall 2, Level 2 - C120


Since its establishment in 1999, China Industry Fair has developed and innovated over the past 19 years. Through professionalization, marketization, internationalization and brand operation, it has developed into the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) certification. The influential international industrial brand exhibition is an important window and economic and trade exchange and cooperation platform for the world in China's industrial field. As one of the most popular professional exhibitions, Industrial Automation Exhibition (IAS) is regarded as the largest and most influential exhibition event in the field of automation in Asia. The exhibition, together with many leading companies in the field of automation, will focus on the core technologies and front-end products of intelligent manufacturing, and strive to create a market segment in the field of automation, focusing on the embedded technology exhibition area, motion control system exhibition area, intelligent sensing and connection, transmission and transmission. Pneumatic and other professional exhibition areas. IAS is committed to exploring a broader market space and cooperation opportunities in the field of automation, serving the industry and customers, and promoting the upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

Thank you for your interest in our Ocean Sensors and hope to have the opportunity to be a friend of your relationship.