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Error Analysis of Common Tension Pressure Sensors

Pulling pressure sensors are widely used in industry, but the accuracy may be affected by some factors during the use process, which causes errors. Today, Ocean engineers will introduce you to the four inevitable errors. Hey.

Offset error

This error is due to the fact that the pull-pressure sensor operates with a shift in the converter diffusion and laser adjustment over the entire pressure range.

2. Sensitivity error

If the sensitivity is higher than the typical value, the greater the pressure, the greater the error, which is the error produced during the diffusion process.


3. Linearity error

This is the influence of the error is relatively small, it is the physical nonlinearity of the silicon wafer, but for the tensile pressure sensor with the amplifier, there is also the nonlinearity of the amplifier. The error can be a concave curve or a convex shape. of.

4. Hysteresis error

Under normal circumstances, this error is negligible, but this error factor will only be considered when the pressure becomes very large.

In short, in the initial equipment, we have to choose high-precision tensile pressure sensor, because high-tech equipment can avoid these errors, and the error calibration can be done first when the equipment leaves the factory, to minimize the error to meet the needs. The needs of our customers, these we can do.