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Good news, the new multi-function force cell is about to be born.

Recently, our company is developing a multi-function force measuring and weighing control instrument, which is D54, which has the following characteristics:

1. Equipped with high-definition LCD screen display.

2. Fast, sensitive and fast capacitive button.

3. Performance is very strong.

4. Multi-machine communication can be carried out through CAN's custom protocol or RS485 ModBus protocol.

5. Can choose a variety of different levels of acquisition speed, can be well applied to industrial production.

This versatile force-weighted weighing instrument has four operating modes: normal comparison mode, peak capture mode, 按键 control button detection and constant value control mode. Real-time curves, historical curves and working curves can also be drawn according to the user's needs, complete different customer requirements, and can record peak capture records, manual servo control, automatic control, etc., with many types of functions, especially for force control. engineering.

For those interested in this weighing control instrument, please look forward to it...