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From which aspects to buy the pull pressure sensor

As a small white in the sensor industry, many people don't know how to pick a pressure sensor . Today, Xiaobian shares four points of attention when purchasing a pressure sensor based on years of work experience in Ocean Sensing:

First, the accuracy of the sensor

Accuracy is a commonly used term for describing errors in the pull pressure sensor industry. Generally we specify accuracy as the combined effect of nonlinearity, hysteresis and non-reproducibility. It is conceivable that the higher the accuracy, the higher the cost of construction.

Second, the pressure value measured by the sensor

We must first understand how much pressure we need in this production system, then we must consider the range of the maximum value of the tensile pressure sensor when purchasing, generally 1.5 times larger than the maximum pressure of the system.

Third, choose what kind of output

Typical sensors have a millivolt output, or voltage amplification, or milliamps, or frequency output. For some original equipment manufacturers, their distance between the control element and the sensor is very short, so the choice of millivolt output is sufficient and the cost is relatively low.

Fourth, the temperature resistance of the sensor

A: Pulling the pressure sensor is the same as other equipment. If it works in a very high temperature environment, it will cause problems or even cause malfunction. Usually we will set two temperature ranges, one is the working range, the other is the compensation range, and the compensation range is Included in the scope of work.

The above is just a description of the four points that the pressure sensor should pay attention to during the purchase process. I hope it will help you. Our Ocean Sensing pull pressure sensor performance is very good in these aspects, welcome to inquire.