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New torque sensor introduction

good news! good news! Ocean Sensor has added a new dynamic torque sensor, which will satisfy you both in appearance and function. Interested partners can come in and understand.

Torque sensor features:

1. The DYN-200 torque sensor does not require regular maintenance and replacement of parts without brushes and other contact parts.

2. Accuracy of 1/10000 or more is achieved, and excellent zero-point stability and small torque can also achieve high-precision measurement.

3. The starting torque is very small, only 0.00001 Nm, accurate measurement from static measurement to torque measurement at high speed.

4. No need for external circuit, directly output standard voltage and current or RS485 communication connection OLC, or torque special instrument.


Its installation and precautions:

Keyway installation

Torque sensor, if the keyway connection is dropped, it will cause damage and personal injury. Please take measures such as installing a pin that prevents falling off. Make sure the keyway is undamaged and fit securely into the torque sensor.

2. Installation method

Can be used horizontally or vertically. In addition, there is no limit to the direction of the cable. When installing this product to other devices, hold the frame of the product and fix the frame with hard foaming urethane, double-sided tape, etc. to prevent the frame from rotating. Please do not fix the frame.


With such a torque sensor, what reason do you have to choose? It is not as good as the practice work. Our Ocean Sensing will provide the best solution according to the customer's needs and choose the torque that is most suitable for your business. For sensors, please call Ocean Sensing Consulting.