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What factors to consider when purchasing a tension sensor

Some people will hesitate when they choose to buy a tension sensor. They don't know what to buy, and listen to Ocean engineers for you.

First of all, we have to consider the installation problem, where to install it, which is one of the factors that will affect the operation and service life and safety of the sensor. Many people will ask why? We analyze from the following two aspects:

1. The melting of the coating material, the opening of the solder joint and the structural change of the stress in the elastomer in the high temperature environment. If it is operated in a high temperature environment, we must add equipment such as heat insulation, water cooling or air cooling.

2. If the working environment is dusty and humid, the tension sensor may also cause short-circuit effects. At this time, we must do a good job of sealing.

3. There are other corrosive environments, strong electromagnetic fields, flammable environment and other factors that we should consider when purchasing.

Second, the number and range of symmetric weight sensors are chosen, and the number of considerations depends on how the source is installed and the pressure point. Different force points and different weighing values need to be considered.

The above is just a brief introduction. Of course, there are many other factors. I will not introduce them here. If you are considering buying a tension sensor, you must find a professional manufacturer of tensile sensors . You can call us to contact us. We will Give professional advice based on your actual situation, recommend the most suitable products to avoid unnecessary losses