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What measures do the torque sensor encounter?

At present, there are four problems in the measurement of many torque sensors: one is that the structure of the sensor is different; the other is that the adapter is not uniform; the third is that the online measurement is limited; the fourth is that the torque measurement instrument has poor versatility. For the problems we encountered during the use, we can try to take the corresponding measures from the following aspects.

1. Unified sensor manufacturing standards

Revise current industry standards or develop specific industry standards for torque sensors to unify or limit the form of torque sensor input and output, standardize torque sensor manufacturing standards, and apply to torque measurement needs in different industries. The unified standard is the key to solving the problem of torque sensor measurement. If the manufacturing standards of the sensors are uniform, then the problem of connecting components and online measurements can be solved.

Second, the description of the joint processing scale

For the mechanical manufacturing industry, there are millions of standard parts and there are corresponding standards and requirements. However, for the connection of the torque sensor, standard parts should be used as much as possible. If it does not meet the requirements, we need to set the corresponding proportions and define the materials, geometry, strength, heat treatment requirements, etc. It can also be limited to current industry standards to facilitate manufacturers' manufacturing and customer choices while minimizing the stacking of adapters to avoid uncertainty.


Third, research and development online measurement standards

Develop relevant online measurement standards so that the device can adjust the standard parameters. The device can have multiple ranges; there is a fixed way to connect with the device under test to avoid the influence of human factors. There is an online feedback compensation system to ensure that the serial connection of the online metering device will not bring new influence or influence; the wireless WiFi or Bluetooth embedded system ensures dynamic detection without interference, and the production test is realized.

Fourth, the versatility of the measuring instrument

For example, some types of secondary instruments can better adapt to the requirements of various types of force sensors, so that the sensors and standards they contain are the same, thus forming a universal system.

All in all, we need to learn different forms of measures from these aspects, reduce customer buying concerns, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of torque measurement.