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What are the errors of the miniature pressure sensor?

Do you know the inevitable small errors of the miniature pressure sensor ? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

First, the sensitivity error is related to the pressure. When the sensitivity is higher than the standard, the error will increase with the pressure. If the sensitivity is regional standard, the error will become smaller and smaller with the pressure. This error is specifically due to changes in the diffusion process.

Second, the error caused by the offset, because the vertical position of the micro pressure sensor is stable within the pressure range, so the transducer diffusion and laser adjustment correction changes to produce a little offset error.

Third, in many cases, due to the mechanical rigidity of the silicon wafer, in the process of pressure changes, the micro pressure sensor will also produce some hysteresis error, these errors are negligible.

Fourth, linear error, this error is also divided into two types of concave curve and convex curve, this error is caused by the physical nonlinearity of the silicon chip, this error has almost no effect on the miniature pressure sensor.

These are just a few brief introductions of small errors. Those interested in learning more about miniature pressure sensors can pay more attention to our ocean sensing.