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How to pull the tension sensor

Tension sensors are one of the many sensor devices that are used. Many newcomers don't know much about their principles and how to wire them. Today, the small manufacturers of pull sensor manufacturers mainly analyze these two aspects.

First, let us understand how the principle of the pull-down force sensor is.

First, the elastic body is elastically deformed by the external force, so that the strain gauge (conversion element) stuck to the surface is also deformed. After the strain gauge is deformed, its resistance value will change with it, and then the corresponding measurement circuit converts the resistance change into voltage or current, thereby completing the process of converting the external force into an electrical signal. This is the tension sensor. principle.

Second, let us know how to wire

Firstly, determine the power supply positive, negative power supply, feedback positive, negative feedback, positive signal and negative signal of the sensor interface on the display. If it is a 6-wire transmitter, the two sets of lines with the smallest sensor resistance are positive and positive feedback. Negative power supply, negative feedback, load the sensor after receiving the monitor, measure the voltage value of the other two wires (millivolts), connect the display signal positively, negatively connect the display signal negative; if it is a four-wire value, you need to connect the monitor's power supply with The feedback is shorted, the power supply is negative and the feedback is negatively shorted. The four wires of the sensor are measured with a multimeter. The two of the largest resistance values are the power supply, and the other two are the signals.

According to the production area of the tension sensor, the color of the lead wire can be used to judge. Generally, the domestic tensile force sensor manufacturer uses red as the power source, black as the power source negative, white as the signal negative, and green as the signal positive; while the sensors produced in Europe and the United States are generally green. For the power supply positive, black is the power supply negative, white is the signal positive, red is the signal negative. So when we are wiring, we should pay attention to these colors.

The above is a brief description of Xiaobian. If you need to know more about the tension sensor, you can pay more attention to our ocean sensor.