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Weighing control instrument encountered problems during use how to self-test

In the process of using the weighing control instrument, it is inevitable that some problems will be encountered. How do we detect where the problem is occurring? By visual inspection, we can only find out whether the part has abnormal conditions, such as welding, short circuit, welding. , faults, bolts, burning, discoloration, collisions and other debris.

For example, a meter reading is unstable and inaccurate. Use a simulator to find a normal check, check the balance of the body, find severe moisture, wipe it with alcohol, then dry it, then return to normal; and as a meter display value Jump on the three numbers, check that the instrument and sensor interface J3 9 pin outside a right angle bend caused poor grounding, straightening, display stability;


For another example, a fuse that starts the self-test unfinished fuses, opens the front cover, removes the circuit board and finds the handle on the back of the (LM340J - 15). The C48 checks the connected capacitor, decomposes, finds that it has been replaced, and the display is normal. of.

All in all, the weighing control instrument encountered some problems during the use process, it can pass the self-test, and then let us know where the problem occurred, and solve the problem. We have weighing control instruments and load cell products, you can call to find more product details.