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Talking about the application range of torque sensor

Because the torque sensor is simple and convenient to use, it is a sensor that can be directly mounted on the measuring axis. It also does not need to disassemble and change the mechanical structure of the rotating shaft to be measured. It is transmitted wirelessly to the gateway or routing node, and then collected. The strain torque conversion formula in the software system is controlled to calculate the torque value. For long-term monitoring applications, torque sensors can also be embedded with conversion algorithms in the nodes to directly transmit torque values.

In recent years, engineers have been able to wirelessly transmit sensor data on rotating components as a standard due to in-depth research in testing and automotive. Of course, engineers also hope that the rotating shaft torque telemetry system can measure relatively complete data. The latest torque sensor produced by our company is the single-channel torque telemetry system J1, which has the newly developed revolutionary IPT (Intelligent Power Transmission) technology, which makes engineers dream of success.

The following small series introduces the specific application range of the torque sensor.

1. Detection of output torque and power of rotating power equipment such as electric motors, engines and internal combustion engines;

2. Detection of torque and power in railway locomotives, automobiles, tractors, airplanes, ships, mining machinery;

3. Detection of torque and power of fans, pumps, gearboxes and torsion wrenches;

4. It can be used for the detection of torque and power in sewage treatment systems;

5. Can be used in process industry and process industry.

6, can be used to manufacture a viscometer;

The use of torque sensors in future areas will be more intelligent and new. It is an indispensable wireless transmission method for people's life work and technology development.

Since its establishment more than ten years ago, the company has absorbed domestic and foreign technology and production technology. Dayang Sen has developed, developed and manufactured hundreds of sensors with strong technology and superb production technology.