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Application of Micro Force Sensor in Intelligent Pressing Machine Control System

The sensors used in the smart press machine are generally classified into three categories. The first type of mobile phone 3C industry adopts miniature load cells, mostly because of the limitation of installation space. Especially in recent years, the development of Shenzhen miniature load cells is very Rapidly, all kinds of sensors are being miniaturized and miniaturized, all in order to comply with that industry. The second category is the creation of automotive devices and automotive components. These sensors are mainly based on spoke-type load cells, which are slightly larger and have stronger anti-offset capability.


The high-speed sampling function of the force-measuring controller and the processing function of the press-in force sensor signal solve the problem of detection and control of the press-in force, so that the press machine can be accurately pressed into the process hole when the part is pressed, and once it is introduced during the press-in process Abnormal press-in force can alarm in time to ensure the quality of the parts pressed.