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Ocean sensor detailed installation method and use of spoke type load cell

With the development of high-tech enterprises, sensors continue to bring great help to many industries in reform and innovation. I believe everyone knows that it is widely used in our industrial area. Now many companies are using it, then you are spoke-type. Do you know the installation method and usage of the load cell? Next, let's take a look at the installation method and use of the spoke-type load cell detailed by Ocean's sensing.

First of all, after purchasing the spoke type load cell, the user must understand the installation method. If the user's installation method is wrong, the spoke type load cell will not be used and the measurement accuracy will be reduced. The installation of spoke type load cells is also relatively simple. As long as you pay attention to the correct installation method, it will be easy to install successfully.

Spoke load cells are also one of the load cells that are commonly used for static and dynamic measurements. The working principle is that the elastic body is elastically deformed under the action of external force, and the resistance strain gauge (conversion element) attached to the surface thereof is also deformed, so that the resistance value thereof will increase or decrease. Then, the corresponding circuit is converted into an electrical signal through a corresponding circuit, thereby completing the process of converting the external force into an electrical signal.


The installation method of the spoke load cell is different. The installation method of the sensor is also different. In general, the load cell has one place for fixing and one place for force. To ensure that the fixed section is secure and secure, the force will not be eccentric. Finally, the most common weighing method for the spoke load cell is the four-core shielded wire. Generally, the color is divided into four colors: red, black, green and white. Among them, red and black are connected to the excitation power supply. Generally, the excitation power supply voltage is 5-10VDC, the red is connected to the power supply, the black is connected to the negative power supply; the green and white are connected to the instrument signal, the green is connected to the signal +, and the white is connected to the signal. There is also a black thick wire that is a shielded wire that can be grounded or connected to the outer casing. In fact, the black thick wire is the shielded layer on the outside of the shielded cable.

The use of spoke type load cells, as the name implies, is the case where the main user of the load cell weighs the force. For example, weighbridges, platform scales and other related weighing equipment are also used in equipment such as tension machines, presses, and other force value detection equipment.

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