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Torque sensor manufacturers tell you how to maintain

During the use of the torque sensor, some potential failures of the sensor may occur due to environmental temperature, humidity, dust, vibration and other factors, as well as aging and wear of the device inside the sensor. Therefore, we should also carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of the torque sensor on a regular basis. Today, the torque sensor manufacturer Ocean tells you secretly...

First, the torque sensor must operate in accordance with the operating environment specified in the instructions. In addition, some unexpected situations may occur during operation. Users should perform routine maintenance work according to the following inspection contents, maintain a good operating environment, and detect the abnormal phenomenon early is the way to keep the sensor running for a long time. Remember to ensure that the power supply and sensor power supply are disconnected before maintenance.

Secondly, check whether the temperature, humidity, etc. of the operating environment meet the requirements in the manual.

Check the vibration of the sensor system and the temperature and noise of the bearing parts at both ends of the housing, whether the operation is stable, whether the temperature and humidity are suitable, and whether there is a strange sound.

Finally check the system for loose fasteners.

Today Xiaobian is just a brief introduction to the maintenance and maintenance of the torque sensor. If you want to know more about it, remember to pay attention to Ocean Sensing...