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Weighing sensor manufacturers teach you to pay attention to the use process

With the rapid development of the technology industry, the use of load cells has become ubiquitous, but there are still many problems in the process of use. Below, the Shenzhen weighing sensor manufacturer Ocean Xiaobian tells you 9 problems that you have to pay attention to:

1. The periphery of the load cell needs to be equipped with some "baffle" as much as possible, or the sensor is protected by a thin metal plate. In order to prevent the contamination from affecting the movable part of the sensor, the accuracy is not affected. So how do you see if the movable part is "stained"? As long as the rated load is increased or decreased by about one thousandth on the weighing platform, if the display changes, it means that it is not affected.

2. In order to avoid the damage caused by the welding current or lightning strike, the hinged copper wire needs to be used to form an electrical bypass, so that it can be protected from strong heat radiation during use.

3. Shielded wires should be used for all lines in the sensor, and these connections and grounding points should be reasonable. If you do not have to pass the frame of the machine, you can choose external grounding. Need to remind everyone that if there are three sensors are connected in parallel, the output signal readout circuit should not be able to produce strong interference, such as "control silicon, contactor, etc."

4. Electrical connection (such as the signal cable of the sensor, not in parallel with the strong power line or control line (for example, do not put the sensor signal line and the strong power line and control line in the same pipe). If they must be in parallel Place them, then the distance between them should be kept above 50CM, and the signal wires should be covered with metal tubes.


5. Try to use accessories with automatic positioning to avoid the use of lateral force structural parts. We should make these as soft as possible in the direction of the loading spindle to prevent them from affecting the actual load and cause errors.

6. Regardless of the product, it should be handled with care. The load cell is no exception. Any impact or drop may cause some damage to its metering performance. If it is a large load cell, its weight will be very heavy, so be careful when handling or installing.

7. In any case, the power cable and the control cable must be twisted together to a degree of 50 rpm. If you need to extend the signal cable, you must use a special sealed junction box. This is for moisture protection, so we Do a good insulation test. On this basis, if you want to ensure high measurement accuracy, consider using a circuit with a relay amplifier.

8. Horizontal adjustment: When the base is installed, it should be installed when the level is measured by the level, so that the load carried by the sensor is in a consistent direction.

9. To prevent the overloading system from being overloaded during the installation process, the general equipment has the standard of carrying. If the overload occurs, the equipment will be damaged. If it is serious, permanent damage may occur. Therefore, in normal working, we must set up the structural components for overload protection and fix the sensors.

As long as you follow the above points to strictly use, the measurement results will be more accurate and more convenient, and the load cell will not be easily damaged, life and maintenance can be better! Haoyang Sensing System Engineering Co., Ltd. welcomes your call to visit...