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Torque sensor manufacturers explain the difference between torque and torque and torque

Do you know the difference between torque, torque and torque? Below the torque sensor manufacturer Ocean sensor's Xiaobian for everyone to introduce, I hope to help everyone.

Sources and Differences of Torque, Torque, Torque When it comes to torque, we immediately think of the product of the leverage and the distance perpendicular to the direction of the fulcrum. The unit of torque is Newton meters.


Torque and torque are the moments of rotation. For a rotating object, if the center of the rotating shaft is regarded as a fulcrum, the product of the force on the circumference of the rotating object and the distance between the center of the rotating shaft and the direction of the force is called torque. When a cylindrical object is subjected to force without rotation, the object has only elastic deformation due to the torsion force. The torque at this time is called torque.

Therefore, it can only be called "torque" strictly in the running motor. It is not appropriate to use "torque" or "torque". However, it is customary to use these three names for a long time, at least for six or seventy years, so no one deliberately corrects it.

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